What is mortgage payment protection insurance?

Mortgage protection insurance is designed to protect you and your loved ones should you experience a loss of income or if something should happen to you. It provides a much needed income if you can no longer act as the breadwinner for your family.

There is much more to insurance than simply selecting the term and amount and, the myriad options can make it difficult to choose the right policy. At Derngate Wealth Management we can take the time to help you make sense of mortgage protection insurance and help you find the right plan for your circumstances. We can also customise a basic insurance plan with additional features that cover any specific financial concerns you might have, such as a potential loss of income from critical illness.

Derngate Wealth Management's financial and mortgage advisers offer comprehensive mortgage protection advice for those looking to ease their worries about the future. With such uncertainty around job security, we can help you take control of your mortgage and give you peace of mind over the future of your finances.

At Derngate Wealth Management we are independent financial and mortgage advisors who have access to the whole market. We can offer friendly and impartial advice about a wide range of insurance products.

Life Insurance

No-one likes to think about what would happen if they were not around. Life insurance policies can help to ease the burden left on families and loved ones by providing either a lump sum, which can be used to pay off your mortgage, university fees, or other essential payments. Or you can have a number of payments, depending on what type of life cover you take out.

Critical illness cover

Critical illness insurance cannot prevent illness from occurring, but it can help to make things easier if you fall ill. Critical illness cover will pay a lump sum on the diagnosis of a critical illness. It's very important that you get proper advice to enable you to decide which provider is the most suitable for you.

House and Contents insurance

It is a requirement of your lender that you insure your property by taking out building insurance cover. House and contents insurance will provide protection for your house and its contents and ensure that all your hard earned belongings are protected.

Unemployment cover

In the current economic climate nothing is certain, but you can make sure that you do not suffer any more than you have to. Unemployment cover will provide you with an income in the event of being made redundant. Just like income protection, the money can be used to make sure you do not lose everything that you have worked so hard to build up.

Income protection

It’s a common misconception that the state will provide an income in the event of long-term sickness. However, this is not the case and many people overestimate the benefits provided by their employer. Income mortgage protection will provide an income in the event of long-term sickness and can also help make sure that you do not fall behind on your mortgage repayments and are able to maintain your current lifestyle for you and your family.

This Payment Protection Insurance is optional. There are other providers of Payment Protection Insurance and other products designed to protect you against the loss of income.

For free and impartial money advice from the government, you can visit the following website: www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk.

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