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When should I speak to a mortgage advisor?

If you’re wondering when to speak to a mortgage advisor, this blog is here to answer your questions.

Part of knowing when to consult a mortgage advisor is knowing exactly what they can offer. Typically a mortgage advisor can offer advice and a variety of mortgage-related products, including insurance.

Mortgage advisors are not just there for when you’re looking to buy a property and need a mortgage to afford it. They are also there to help you navigate changes in your circumstances throughout your life.

From investing in buy-to-let and purchasing business premises, to looking for a remortgage or holiday home to enjoy your retirement, mortgage advisors are there for the whole journey. We can help you adapt to lifestyle and financial changes, and offer advice to help you stay financially comfortable and stable.

Mortgage advisors can act as an impartial party and make sure you don’t get carried away by a deal that looks good on the surface but actually has some clauses which render it unsuitable.

Especially if you need to borrow more money, a mortgage advisor can help you borrow responsibly and seek favourable deals that you may not be able to find on your own.

At what point of the buying process should you see a mortgage advisor?

It’s typically recommended that you start the process of applying for a mortgage before you even start searching for a property. A mortgage advisor can help you determine how much you can reasonably afford which will help you narrow down your search. Plus, starting the process sooner rather than later will increase your chances of succeeding with your property purchase.

Do I have to speak to a mortgage advisor?

You don’t have to speak to a mortgage advisor. However, there are certainly benefits to getting professional advice before going ahead with a mortgage. For many it’s a huge financial commitment and not one that you’d want to take lightly. Mortgage advisors should have impeccable knowledge of the market and the legal small print. They can check your affordability and help you fill out the application correctly to boost your chances of getting accepted by the lender. If you get rejected, they can help you search for alternative packages until you find one that works for you.

Do you need to speak to a mortgage advisor in Northampton?

For expert advice tailored to you, Derngate Wealth Management Northampton offer access to a wide range of mortgage solutions and exceptional customer service to help you with your property journey.

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